London Greenground schematic map
From April to June 2019

London Greenground or Park Connection map is an attempt to connect London’s parks and waterways into one walkable and cyclable system. It’s a diagram inspired by iconic London Underground map, but instead of tube lines and stations features parks and imaginary green lines. The first idea posted in Twitter was shared by National Park City and received overwhelming response of more than 350 likes and over 100 shares with encouraging feedback. The first map was featured in article on front page of Londonist over Easter weekend.

With contributions from Twitter audience the second map featured 80 more parks and three new lines including well-received Bee line. The second map was also shared by Museum of Walking and collected combined over 400 likes and 200 re-shares.

The third version of Greenground Map includes 300 parks and expands the green cover to include Greater London area. The map has collected over 170 likes and original blog post including link to larger map has received over 1600 views.

I am currently looking into ways to develop the map further. With enough interest from the community and official support the project will resume in few months.

Project length: ~100 hours up to now; ongoing
My role: research, design, graphics, communication

Greenground Map
First version
Greenground Map v2
Second version
Greenground Map v3
Third version

Park Connection/Greenground map idea is open for discussion, expansion and reuse as long as the reuse is fair, green and focused on the benefit of the community. The graphics are free to use by individuals, community groups and non-commercial organisations to support their sustainable fundraising activities and goals. 🍃