Helen Ilus Design is an independent design studio based in Tallinn, Estonia – specialising in info design, maps and vector illustrations.

Helen is a graphic designer who has previously worked in academic environment, game publishing, non profit sector and workplace learning. She holds a master degree in Media specialising in animation and has many years of experience creating graphics for diverse range of platforms. She has lived and worked in UK and travelled worldwide.

Her current independent work, influenced by environment, active travel and sustainability, has been featured by Mapping London, Londonist, London National Park City, Forbes, Geographical Magazine and has reached a wide social media audience.

A Walk in the Urban Woods – Mapping London
The Greenground: A Tube Map Of Parks And How To Get Between Them – Londonist
The Greenground Map by Helen Ilus – London National Park City
What Is London’s National City Park Status And Which Other Cities Will Follow? – Forbes
London Greenground Map – Information Is Beautiful Awards 2019 (Longlist)
London Greenground – Geographical Magazine (magazine of the Royal Geographical Society)
Greening São Paulo’s ‘Big Worm’ – Geographical Magazine December 2019 issue

The companies, movements and individuals Helen believes make a difference and is proud to be friends with.

Revolution Consultancy and Design – authors of Forward Movement Platform (FMP) that encourages walking & active travel and developers of many green campaigns such as #GoParksLondon, London Car Free Day and London National Park City.

London National Park City – movement to celebrate London’s biodiversity & greenery and improve life in London. National Park City community works to make London greener, healthier and wilder through many small actions and long term vision.