Helen is an independent designer who likes walking and makes maps.

Helen is an independent graphic designer with the background in (mostly) digital design. She also makes paper maps and posters of her macro-scale tube style walking maps of (UK) cities. This is her most successful project so far and she loves making these maps as they give her the opportunity to explore and discover new urban green spaces. She would be exploring these spaces herself, but right now she bases her work on Google maps.

Helen’s maps have been featured in Positive News, Runner’s World UK, TimeOut London and Londonist with positive reviews and her London Greenground Map has been downloaded 80,000+ times. She loves London parks and green spaces and visited many of them when she lived and worked in London few years ago. She has also made Edinburgh and Bristol maps and has just published a bigger 800 park version of new London map.

Additionally to her independent work she has lately started to make commissioned maps and worked with Sheffield City Council and Outdoor City to produce the first official Greenground Map of Sheffield.

She holds a MA Media (Animation) degree from UWE, Bristol and has lived and worked in Estonia, Ireland and UK. She also once travelled around the world and walked in many amazing urban (green) spaces. Helen is currently based in Tallinn, where she is from and has a tiny studio at the Tallinn Creative Incubator.