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Infographic of awesome air cleaning plants

Here’s another infographic of air purifying plants. It’s again based on visualization, this time a scatter chart. The method is exactly the same as for previous infographic and the data sheet can be seen here.

As the air quality in offices and homes has become an issue, it’s good to know having many plants around may reduce the pollution and contribute to purifying air. Some plants are thought to have better air cleaning abilities that others, although the information is only available for selected plants.

I based the infographic on last two columns in the spreadsheet calculating the total amount of chemicals removed and toxicity to dogs and cats. The original data comes from NASA Clean Air Study and Wikipedia chart of air-filtering plants.

I have eight plants in my room and I certainly like to think they are currently busy sucking up all the harmful digital compounds emanating from my laptop as I am writing this post. And if not.. well, at least they look pretty.


Pure air plant-o-meter - infographic