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DG infographics class

HNY 2019! May it bring some insightful and beautiful (infographic) stories.

December was quite a busy month for me. Earlier in the month I went to London to attend an infographic class by Delayed Gratification Magazine. DG is known by their awesome infographics and the two hour evening class covered the theory behind what makes a good infographic (in DG style: How to make killer infographics?).

The class was held in a relaxed and creative atmosphere at King’s College by Marcus, one of the editors. We went through a process of thinking the ideas of a great infographic and trying our hand in making one in the group. The two hours passed far too quickly, but we still had plenty of time to grasp the main ideas.

The key idea surfacing throughout the class was ‘What’s the point?’. We looked at different infographics and tried to understand what is it they say. The good infographics convey the main idea at first sight and do not leave the audience confused. Even complicated infographics are clear of their meaning.

Here is an one quirky example of DG magazine infographic:

Infographic: BBC top-talent salaries in context from Delayed Gratification, the Slow Journalism magazine.
Click here for zoomable version.