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Street trees type map UPDATE

After posting the first version of Street trees type map I had comments some of the boroughs are missing from the map and suggestions to fill them in. The first map was based on the open data from London tree map project from 2014-2015 and for various reasons the data from some boroughs are yet to be filled.

So following a tip on Twitter I approached the tree officers from The London Tree Officers Association in seven boroughs to fill the information gaps on the map. I got very quick and informative responses from most of the boroughs. The remaining I filled based on the information in the reports from the borough websites.

I had some very interesting feedback from the tree officers, overall positive. For example Rupert from Hackney thought the idea is interesting, but also suggested look at the trees based on variety and diversity. Steve Pocock and Paul Wood have developed a very good website TreeTalk, where they feature a Tree Map based on diversity and rarity.

I also received some very useful design feedback! For example Richard from Croydon noted the borough borders are not very visible so I worked the map more to give some more space around the lines. His other great suggestion was to add borough names, which I saved for the future version.

As I noted cherry has become very popular street tree in London I was curious why. Elizabeth from Wandsworth explained in her borough it’s planted because of the beautiful blossom and the small size – it can fit on most streets and even whole streets are now planted with cherries.

Working with the data on the map was interesting, but I really enjoyed this part of the project! The tree officers know best what they do and the data reflects only the fraction of the diversity of their work. And here’s the final map filled with data and personal approach.