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Concept for a game of sustainable energy

My friend Totebo asked me to come up with a concept for a mindful Zen game and I thought it’s a fun little side project to do aside to all the maps and infographics I have been doing recently. So I had a little think about it and came up with an idea for an alternative sustainable energy game. It’s still early days and I don’t yet know, if the project is going ahead, but I hope it will spark some fresh ideas and directions on 2020! 💫

The working title of the game is Zenergi and it’s about an alternative universe where energy efficient Greener Bot has a difficult task of greening the planet. Working from her self-sufficient allotment GB sets out to plant and care for the plants she is growing herself. But running the allotment and planting on her own is not an easy task and she faces many challenges such as energy deficiency, draught and destructive plant eating vermin.

GB working in her self-sufficient allotment garden

Self-sufficiency, independent energy and mass planting is also the key to re-green this planet and people from anywhere in the world can empathise with GB as she struggles to keep her allotment running. Either you live in UK, Sweden or Brazil, the challenges of living sustainably and doing good for the environment are the same everywhere – there’s plenty of grey space to be greened all around the planet.

Fingers crossed the concept will attract some funding and this little project will take flight next year!