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Infographic of cities for cyclists

For some reason I have never been in Amsterdam, though it has been on my list of places to go for ages. I tried last year, but the prices over Easter skyrocketed and I decided to travel to Copenhagen instead. These two cities do have lot in common, popularity of cycling being one of them. Although Amsterdam is cycling capital of Europe, is Copenhagen catching up?

This infographic is different than previous ones as it’s based on a comparison rather than data set. When I started to collect the data it seemed obvious Amsterdam is leading with nearly all the numbers, in total having more bikes, cycle lanes and bike racks than Copenhagen.. However everything changed once I started to compare the stats to population and area size.

Amsterdam does have more bikes than Copenhagen, but it has exactly the same amount of bikes per population, who also cycle exactly the same distance each day than Amsterdammers. Around 60% of both population cycle daily and compared to the size of both cities Copenhagen has even more cycle lanes and bike racks per bikes than Amsterdam. Go Copenhagen! 🚴

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