Expanded London Greenground Map

Unofficial London Greenground Map is expanded Park Connection Map covering more green and blue ground across Greater London. The focus of the experimental map is to connect parks and open spaces into one walkable and cyclable network. This is an independent creative project that started from an idea to propose an accessible map that would help navigating London via parks and waterways.

The third version of the map has two more river lines – Crane and Wandle, connecting parks along the river banks. The long distant LOOP line is based on a real TFL London LOOP walking trail, a 150 mile (242 km) circular walk around London that includes many open spaces and in some sections runs along the rivers and canals. I have also added bird watching places and viewpoints.

As the map grows the legibility also grows more complicated. The new map has around 300 parks and open spaces that is 10% of the 3000 parks and green spaces of London.  It is now obvious it’s not practical (or even possible) to include all green spaces to one legible map, but the further development could see one large map with main open spaces and smaller area maps with local park connections.

My map also does not take account specific street conditions and may not suggest the best walking or cycling routes. The map does not suggest specific streets as it assumes every park or open space does have a reasonably walkable street to the park next to it. Some of the paths are recognised trails, but part of the fun  for me was also to suggest made up lines, that does not currently exist.

The main goal of the Greenground map is to look at London from the different point of view,  inspiring Londoners to see connections between parks and making up their own walks and cycle loops for recreation and commute. London is a green city and walking from park to park or by the river or canal path could be the best part of everyone’s day.

I very much hope this map could become reality in London transport system one day! 🤞


Greenground Map v3

Larger version: Greenground Map v3 PDF

Inspired by National Park City


Renewable energy infographic

Today’s challenge was to create an infographic of sustainability and after some brain cracking I decided to compare two European countries with high percentage of renewable energy. Renewable energy sources include wind power, solar power, hydro power, tidal power, geothermal energy, biofuels and the renewable part of waste. Eurostat

I began this challenge by viewing Eurostat data of EU countries, where Sweden is leading with more than 50% of renewable energy, being the only country that uses more than half of it’s energy from renewable resources. Compared to the average 17% in EU, with the target to reach 20% by 2020, Sweden is excelling thanks to the hydroelectric power, which is now also supported by wind turbines. Official site of Sweden

However remarkable Sweden’s achievement in EU is, it’s neighbor Norway has done even better. With 98% of renewable energy of which 96% comes from hydropower Norway has the highest percent of renewable energy in mainland Europe according to Norwegian Government.  In a country where petroleum is the largest industry, when fossil fuels run out, is water going to be new oil? 💧


Lands of renewable energy 2