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Green city – Amsterdam

I wanted to try something new this week and decided to make a series of Green City graphics. The first destination I picked is Amsterdam – the city I have been meaning to visit for years, but never have. So hoping this might be the year 🤞 I’ve been doing some enjoyable guidebook reading and picked out couple of facts what makes Amsterdam a sustainable city.

Amsterdam has more bikes than people. Amsterdam is known as the biking capital of the world, but the bikes are now taking over the city. Currently nearly 873,000 people live in Amsterdam with more than 881,000 bikes. According to IAmsterdam majority of Amsterdammers cycle daily covering combined 2 million kilometres as they pedal along.

According to Lonely Planet Pocket Amsterdam guidebook Amsterdam has 100 km of waterways and a thriving houseboat community with 2500 boats. With the interconnected waterways Amsterdam is a perfect city to live in a boat and many boat owners are interested in sustainable living, turning their boats into energy efficient floating homes.

Amsterdam also has the most canals in the world with 165 canals (that’s more than Venice) and stunning total of 1753 bridges. The narrow canals and bridges make driving in the city difficult and this is why cycling and walking is the preferred method to get around for most Amsterdammers and visitors. The historic city planners couldn’t have done better!

Amsterdam has 30 parks, a forest and 400, 000 trees in parks and along the canal paths. Because Amsterdam is compact in size, this makes Amsterdam a very leafy city. Vondelpark is one of the most popular inner city parks and Amsterdam forest with it’s 1000 ha of green lushness definitely seems like a great place to spend a day.

I know I certainly am looking forward to my visit.