Renewable energy infographic

Today's challenge was to create an infographic of sustainability and after some brain cracking I decided to compare two European countries with high percentage of renewable energy. Renewable energy sources include wind power, solar power, hydro power, tidal power, geothermal energy, biofuels and the renewable part of waste. Eurostat I began this challenge by viewing [...]

Infographic of National Scenic Trails

I have been looking forward to do something travel related and as I've read couple of books about America's long distance walking trails I decided to do a comparison of the trail lengths. I learned there are eleven scenic trails altogether and famous Appalachian (Walk in the Woods) and Pacific Crest (Wild) are long, but [...]

My skills timeline

This is the last of the time chunks series I created for my persona. I started it in November, but somehow it remained unfinished and I wanted to finalize this, before moving on to new things. I really enjoyed doing the illustrations for these three charts and I think bringing in a character does liven [...]

DG infographics class

HNY 2019! May it bring some insightful and beautiful (infographic) stories. December was quite a busy month for me. Earlier in the month I went to London to attend an infographic class by Delayed Gratification Magazine. DG is known by their awesome infographics and the two hour evening class covered the theory behind what makes [...]

My visual timeline with locations

I really liked working on yesterday's infographic and wanted to make another one in same style. It's a really easy graph to make, but it's fun and very clean. Maybe even too simple, but that just means I have to spend time in more places! I started by thinking of all my travels, but after [...]

Time chunks – my visual timeline

This is the first time chunks infographic and this time I went personal, visualizing my timeline in different roles. The Gantt chart, that was the base of this visualization, is mainly used for project schedule. This was a fun little project and helped me to see my CV in a whole different angle. I made [...]

Infographic about coffee breaks

As I have been designing an online info design course these past weeks and working my way through lot of materials, I've been inspired by David McCandless' beautiful visualizations to make this infographic about coffee breaks. Due to clock change in Europe I was playing around with the concept of time and somehow it evolved [...]