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Green ways for all

London is one of the greenest cities in the world and not only because of its traditional parks and green spaces, but also for some magnificent greenways. The canals and rivers are long linear parks often aligned with trees and greenery for walkers and cyclers to enjoy. The abandoned railway lines such as Parkland Walk is another way to convert a linear space to a park.

The green ways often connect bigger parks and provide safe and quiet routes from one green space to another. If all the parks were connected by greenways, cycling and walking would be much more enjoyable and tranquil experience. These paths can get busy too, especially on weekends, but they are still much better option than walking or cycling next to traffic lanes.

The benefits of linear green walking spaces was obvious already in 1970s when four east London boroughs came together and created a Green Chain that is a system of 300 linked parks. This protected the parks from development and provided 50 miles (80 km) of green walking routes. Thanks to their insight this part of London is still particularly green.

As someone who always takes a green way when she can, Green chain is one walk that is definitely on my bucket list! 🌳🔗🌳🔗🌳